Kim Morell, Nutritional Therapy Practitioner

kimberlyI believe that deeply nourishing food has the ability to heal our bodies, heal our planet and bring people together.

I love food. I love to cook, I love to eat and I love to share my passion for health and nutrition. Cooking for others and being surrounded by family, friends, and good healthy food makes me feel ridiculously happy, content and deeply nourished.

I also happen to be a mom, a wife, a trained chef, and Nutritional Therapy Practitioner …..and a lover of all things Harry Potter.

Nutrition means a lot to me. And I like to think that finally, after years of thinking that nutrition was about starving myself or obsessively counting calories , I’ve come to a place of deeper understanding of what it means to be nourished.

To me, nutrition is about more than counting calories and micromanaging macronutrients, it’s about a paradigm shift and moving toward optimal health and wellness from a place of nourishment and self-care rather than from a place of deprivation and punishment.  We are here to love our bodies, nourish our bodies and through this rebellious act of self-love, we can begin the work of healing.

We can’t dislike ourselves into better nourishment.  We can’t starve ourselves or berate our self to better nourishment. We have to work with our bodies, not against them.

I want to help people change the way they look at food and what it means to be healthy.

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